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It’s the end of September already. It’s been a very busy month for us with great progress being made on all fronts! Here is your Friday Five of the most interesting things we saw this week:


This is potentially amazing and also terrifying at the same time. Where do you draw the line with gene editing? – Gene editing wipes out mosquitos in the lab.


Here’s a trio of interesting stats that paint an interesting picture of Android vs iOS – Android’s rise to smartphone dominanceAndroid vs iOS users, how do they behave differentlyApple users more willing to pay for apps.


Incredibly, I have watched the Simpsons for 92% of my entire life. They are always on top of current trends – The Simpsons are dedicating an entire episode to e-sports.


TV ratings will now include devices – Love Island given 1m more viewers.


This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week – Idris Elba roasts Gareth Southgate.


Have a top weekend!



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