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After a brief hiatus (we were in New York last week) here is your regular Friday Five:


Don’t always think cars when you think about electric mobility – electric skateboards are a rapidly growing market.


Facebook have recently given up on bringing the internet to rural places globally with planes, but Google are persevering – Google’s Loon brings internet by balloon to rural Kenya.


Well the world cup was fun. And depressing. Even more so when you realise that it will be 2032 until we potentially can have a world cup in a friendly timezone in the summer again. World cup 2026 is spread across North America and Qatar 2022 will be in November – but just how hot might it be out there?


If i had a spare 340k, I’d be tempted to buy this – a jetsuit created by a former commodities trader has gone on sale in London. 


And finally, Christiano Ronaldo really is the shiz – yes there is such a thing as Ronaldo toilet roll…


Have a good weekend!



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