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Hi there,


Here’s a slightly fragile Friday Five after we were all out last night celebrating Skull Mountain’s first birthday. Can you believe it? We survived the first year and what a year it’s been!


5 things we have achieved after one year in…

  1. We’ve moved offices.
  2. Grown our team.
  3. Built brilliant partnerships with some truly exciting brands.
  4. Validated our approach and view on the world.
  5. And we still have a smile on our face.

And 5 things of interest this week:


This seems a very logical approach to ad spend and measuring ROI – Honda moves it’s ad spend to focus only on paying for ads that drive people into showrooms.


Dennis publishing are making a lot of money from used car sales… supported by very healthy approach to leveraging their own network.


We are obsessed with Cryptocurrency (and you should be too) There has been a lot of discussion about mining this week. When are we going to accept that Crypto mining should be mainstream not ‘illicit’.


If we’re not talking about cryptocurrency we’re talking about food. Mainly of the fast variety. That week when KFCs were closing left, right and centre was a tough time for us. We’ve been enjoying this mighty fine Burger King endorsement from Conor McGregor.


Finally, cake is always the answer. A massive thanks to Sara at Cakealicious for making this amazing cake for us.


Thanks for all your support over this first year.


Have a great weekend!




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