We are Skull Mountain

Putting profit back into Product Management

We are the UK’s leading Digital Product Management consultancy. We manage products across the full lifecycle from conception, to profitable growth and into retirement for a range of clients on a Global scale.

Product Culture

Driving critical cultural change

We place a strong focus on creating a collective ‘product mindset’ through sustainable cultural change designed to increase profitability, team accountability and workforce happiness. We work closely with our clients to help them understand this cultural change and our proven framework to capitalise on the benefits of alignment across product, technology and marketing functions to enable everyone to be more successful.

It isn’t just about frameworks and processes though…

Product functions are about people. The process and tools we utilise along the way are simply that; however having the right buy-in and understanding from the whole team leads to the right line of enquiry being investigated and persistent, iterative learning being generated. Making your business increasingly more efficient and optimised over time.

We coach you to ensure you become highly skilled at always asking the right question to drive value even where the business or product structure is complex and rapidly growing.

Our focus

Skull Mountain has been designed to disrupt the agency and Big 5


Born from the Rokker Network Incubator+ we identified a growing gap in the market. Traditional ‘digital’ agencies provide the design and engineering but had zero mandate for the commercial success of the product; whilst the Big 5 consultancies apply out-dated methodologies, a rigid ‘one size fits all’ template and an imbalanced cost-benefit equation. Both have a self-serving objective – to only sell you things they can build for their own profit (and even if that thing wasn’t what you need to grow your business!)

Our construct is different…

  • Our success metrics are your products’ profitability and your teams’ happiness.
  • We thrive best when working in tandem with your existing in-house teams, agencies, suppliers (and even the Big 5 consultancies).
  • We revel in shouldering the ownership of your products’ commercial targets.
  • We are the conduit for aligning the crucial relationships between stakeholders, design and technology.
  • Our approach is designed specifically to transition you away from an initial reliance on us and into a high-performing product management organisation.
  • We are part of the Rokker Network and that gives scale and access to a wide array of Business, Brand and People thinking that keeps us holistically informed.

A few of our clients


We have a flexible engagement model with each client

We can perform all roles within the Product function – Chief Product Officer, Head of Products and Product Manager. This can be as a complete product team or a blend of our resources and yours.

Our Product Management Academy can up-skill your team across the most junior product roles through to the most senior. It has also been an invaluable way of increasing the wider company’s appreciation of product management.

We have both in-source and out-source capability, with our clients often having us on-site for certain parts of the week, but we can also still deliver when working 100% remotely (which is often useful for teams spread geographically across the world).

We have a flexible range of commercial models which ensure we are always aligned to mutual success.