The Enterprise Product Management Training Framework

Maximise growth of your digital products and services with our proven operating training framework for product functions and leadership teams.

Our Training Framework

To deliver digital growth you need a methodology

We’ve provided digital product consultancy very successfully for over four years now, with a track record of setting up numerous businesses for growth beyond our involvement.

The most critical thing we have proven so far is that to deliver digital growth you need a methodology and operating model that enables the skills of product management to be far more accessible, and to far more people in a business. This is true of businesses with or without product functions.

Our own driving ambition for growth is to scale Skull Mountain’s offering globally – we want to see many more of the world’s biggest companies grow on the back of our proven product methodology and tactical execution. Seeing people and businesses operating our methodology and subsequently seeing personal and corporate growth from this gives us the greatest kick and is why we are deeply passionate about what we do.

This is why we have productised our own offering with our Training Framework.

The Framework for Digital Growth

We combine: Our 50+ product modules with our methodologies and our processes & tools. Over a 12 month programme, across 4 phases.


You need to establish a new product or implement a product team - or both.

Enabling you to establish a product function designed to launch products and services and perform the product role with your existing team.

Turn Around

You have an established product and / or team you need to drive growth within.

Driving growth across existing and
disparate teams, products and services. The framework establishes self regulation towards business goals as well as a growth culture and winning mindset.


You need to steady the ship and drive growth whilst cutting back dramatically.

Our framework has proven invaluable to
businesses who have had to cut back on numerous roles – especially product roles. We empower a product methodology and all that it brings, across whole organisations – thus filling key gaps.

Our vision

Designed explicitly for enterprise growth and profit

As such our vision is to evolve our business away from a traditional consultancy model and into a provider of a product management framework, one that has been designed explicitly for enterprise growth and profit, that businesses can quickly, and cost effectively roll out across all business functions and better support existing product teams. Our framework has been 4 years in the making and proven time and time again with some of the world’s biggest companies in some of the most competitive markets.

This evolution gives us the mandate to only deliver you the most impactful IP from our framework and methodology ultimately making our skill set and experience more accessible. The key here is that rather than binding consultancy for single product managers in a one-to-one relationship, we can weaponize whole teams to deliver specific value and work towards common goals.

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