What does working with Skull Mountain feel like?

We take pride in working with the best talent and most passionate clients; we created our manifesto to help share our vision for positive, profitable business for everyone involved.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

We will:
We will always be up-front
This may mean we have to play bad-cop occasionally, but as a partner we never want to sell you a dream that isn’t in your best interest. We provide clear and constructive analysis and questioning so we can all make better decisions to reach our agreed goals.
We will obsess
We care deeply about delivering the best value products to customers, we also care deeply about your business being successful and that takes focus and attention to detail.
We will be pro-active
Where there appears to be a better way of doing something then we will always put our hand up for this, we don’t have to worry about our position in the business like a full-time employee, or up-selling studio days like an agency so if something can be done with less resource, more quickly and with a better end result then this is the probably the best course of action.
We won't:
We won’t just provide a service, we are a partner
We’re obsessive about finding value in digital products. To do this effectively we should be integrated into your business as much as possible and given the right mandate to achieve success. We see ourselves as ‘special forces’ part of our clients teams, not an external consultancy.
We won’t let the tail wag the dog
This is when development, IT and engineering drives what can or cannot be done in a business. We believe strongly that strategy and customers should drive requirements, not guess-work, technical debt or lack of vision.
We won’t pitch
We believe in delivering value and feel strongly that pitching a solution without knowing the depth of the challenges and opportunities, the resources (financial and talent) and the operating model isn’t the right approach. We start with a paid diagnostic phase and work together to build-out the right scale plan from there.

Our values

  • Reward Learning
  • Be Valuable
  • Share Success
  • Be Open


There are many ancillary benefits to working with Skull Mountain

  • We are good people who genuinely care, and it’s always good to work with those!
  • We have a wide and informed Network and we are always happy to bring new ideas and contacts to the table.
  • We will always try and make you look good.
  • We are a great sounding board for new ideas, products and services
  • We provide lots of visibility for senior stakeholders into the delivery functions of our clients businesses.
  • We provide a point of accountability.
  • We provide training to those who work with us, either formerly via our academy or naturally by involvement in the engagement.

We'd love to talk

If you want to find out more about our approach to dramatically improving your Product Function please give us a call or drop us a message!

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