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Our clients benefit massively from a true, impartial and fresh set of eyes looking at their products.

Typical client problems

Every client situation is unique and our approach is flexible, but there are common themes of challenge that our clients have faced:

1. Rapid-fire diagnostics and roadmap building for a gaming company

  • Our client was unable to deliver on several product OKRs because of a weighed-down delivery team.
  • Through a series of interviews and an anonymised surveys, we found that several layers of product stakeholders did not understand the board-level communication of company-wide priorities or strategy.
  • Via a brand-new and high-level product roadmap, our client was able to align supporting functions to the correct priorities and significantly speed up delivery.

2. Turning around a digital product with a failure-to-launch

  • Our client’s team were worried their stagnating subscription product would never get off the ground.
  • Over a 6-month engagement, we formed an agile cross-function product team, installed a wealth of training and best practice - enabling the team to see their product through fresh eyes.
  • Together we delivered a 59% increase in overall conversion, green-lighting phase two of investment on the product.

3. Validating a digital start-up, for a client with limited digital experience

  • After a nasty experience with an outsourced cowboy build agency, our client was sat on a market-ready idea with limited digital acumen to bring the product to life.
  • From preliminary research, to design and build management we worked in partnership with our client to constantly validate the product and work with external stakeholders on a daily basis.

4. Performing an outsourced Product Owner role for a global market leader

  • Our client required a day-in, day-out management of their international subscription product, valuing Skull Mountain as a partner of choice
  • Leaning on the entire team of Skull Mountain product experts, we managed our client’s Product Function from the top-down, managing internal product stakeholders and reporting into to board, consistently delivering on product OKRs.

A few of our clients

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