We are a results-driven partner for your entire digital product lifecycle

Our primary goal is to empower our clients with a product function that gives effective steering and measurement. With clear product strategy and leadership, you can understand not just what needs to be delivered, but also ‘why’- driving clear value creation across your business.

Our clients choose the Skull Mountain consultancy model when they need:

Resources – you haven’t got product functions and skill sets in-house or you need fresh insights to bolster and empower product functions.
Complexity – your problem is too complex to resolve internally and you need our specialist expertise.
Advantages – you get access to Skull Mountain IP with minimal impact to your internal teams or projects and resolving big problems, quickly, with little distraction to core activities.
Rapid Results – our model is based on high value and rapid turnaround, we expect real world results in as little as 4 weeks.

You buy which modules you would feel most beneficial and we train your team around them!

What? Our Framework is a 3-12 month programme, with 50+training modules such as ‘Roadmapping & Prioritisation’, ‘Agile vs Waterfall’, ‘Mission and Vision Setting’, ‘Product Marketing’ & many, many more.

How? We work with your team on the modules of your choice and guide you every step of the way until you feel confident enough to use your new found skills and/or processes.

The result? Empowering your team with the skills needed for rapid digital growth!

Supporting teams in organising and discovering new opportunities.

Skull Mountain people come from a well established bench of product professionals that can support your team with the Skull Mountain ‘flavour’ of product methodology. They can be embedded within your team full-time or part-time for as long as you need.

We are not afraid of talking numbers, your bottom line is not an elusive metric to us.

Neither is being commercially minded when it comes to product design, delivery and management. We understand that ROI has to be the clear driver behind your product activity.

Choose a level of service to suit your business

Truly Agile and Flexible. We have a flexible range of engagement levels (ranging from 3 weeks-36 months), which ensure we are always aligned to mutual success

Tier 1

Long term partnership – strategic and operational, retained services.

12 months
Tier 2

Bespoke problem solving – a series of medium-term project packages.

3-6 months
Tier 3

Rapid diagnostics – quickfire analysis and reporting.

3-6 weeks

In addition to commercial optimisation, our product-led approach delivers multiple benefits.

  • Supporting teams are focussed on delivering against value-based goals and objectives, saving time and costs on wasted investment.
  • Stakeholder alignment across requirements and expectations.
  • Increased speed of delivery for new products, features and functionality.
  • Improved validation so that the right features get to the right customers at the right time, reducing risk exposure.

We'd love to talk

If you want to find out more about our approach to dramatically improving your Product Function please give us a call or drop us a message!

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