5 Highlights for 5 Years of Skull Mountain

March 7th, 2022

On Sunday 6th March Skull Mountain turned 5 years old! We tasked our Managing Director, James Sarre, on reflecting on 5 highlights from the last 5 years.


“Skull Mountain turned 5 years old on March 6th!

OK…it’s fair to say the world is not really in a celebrating mood at the moment…but to mark the event I took a look back at some of the highlights during my time with Skull (5 things for 5years of Skull…see what I did there…so smooth):

  1. One of the first things working at Skull Mountain showed me was the importance of a Product Roadmap and the value it can add to any business.  I come from a Project Management background, so naturally I’m a ‘turbo nerd’ for plans and roadmaps…this was a GREAT fit.
  1. Three years ago I had a ‘disagreement’ with a couple of horses during the bike stage of a triathlon. Don’t panic, the bike was fine…my collar bone…not so much. The Skull Mountain team were amazingly supportive and rallied around to cover everything, including an onsite trip I had planned in Liverpool the next day! Legends. My left handed typing did get some abuse though obviously, and occasionally one of the team will panic me by whinnying. Bants.
  1. My experience (in business) over the last 20+ years has taught me that often the message can be lost if the delivery isn’t right. Skull Mountain have this at our core and have developed a suite of assets that convey critical concepts and operational methods in a highly visual Playbook. We first developed this several years ago, working to help one of our largest clients (Willis Towers Watson). The Playbook is now a product in it’s own right… look out for more about that in the future.
  1. Last year I was asked to become Managing Director – a great honour. I think Spider Man has something to say about what comes with ‘great power’ and he’s not wrong, but suffice to say I’m loving the challenge. I’m pleased to say I’m able to maintain the capacity to work with clients directly, which is really the best bit of the job…that and having a captive audience in the office to bore about running and animal facts…which is totally normal…right?
  1. Oh…and one of our founders (Lee Cross) has just become the proud father to a baby boy…which is obviously the most important thing. Congrats Lee and keep drinking the coffee.”


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