6 years of doing it right!

April 3rd, 2023

We turned six on Monday 6th March and what a six years it’s been! Our Founder Lee Cross reflects on our journey as a product management consultancy.

People often ask (particularly at sign-in desks!) why we’re called Skull Mountain. We’ve tried to retro-fit a deeper meaning to the name over the years, but to be frank, we just thought it was fun and catchy! Our clients repeatedly tell us that it’s dynamic, like the energy and approach of our teams, so it’s here to stay! 

We launched Skull Mountain as a product management consultancy in a world that didn’t truly understand product, let alone the value of product management. The businesses we helped most in the early years were fixated by the volume and pace of feature delivery, so we set out to help them understand the need to deliver the right products for the right customers at the right time. Our product market fit philosophy has provided the vision and meaning to propel these businesses’ and their products into growth.

The last six years have seen us on an evolutionary journey, refining our approach to supporting businesses in developing products that are relevant to the market and drive success. Our incredibly rewarding mission is to help those we work with achieve their goals and become happier people in the process!

Our consultancy work defines and delivers results across three key areas:

  1. Product market fit
  2. Growth execution
  3. Scalability.

We do this by focusing on:

  • Market entry and rapid growth
    Ensuring that it’s the right product, with the right features and functionality for the right market, delivered and executed in the right way – with deeply understood metrics of validation and success.
  • Operating models
    Ensuring that the right methodology, mindset and skills are in place to enable optimisation of the product and the value it can achieve
  • Audience development
    Ensuring that the most valuable target audience for your product is known, acquired and retained and that the audience, product and service can scale and evolve together for ultimate sustainability.

What do the next six years look like for us? Having mastered the dark art of identifying and saturating our client’s product and service market fit, we’re now helping them achieve sustainable scalability through establishing and increasing brand relevancy with their target audiences. 

This involves looking at evolving and future proofing digital products and services to grow with existing users (broadening the value proposition) and acquiring not only new users but new types of users.

Our birthday presents us with a great opportunity to thank the clients, partners and friends who’ve journeyed with us this far and to say how much we’re looking forward to all that’s ahead. If you’d value a conversation about the path your business and product are on, please email me at or call 07500 961 309.


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