Skull Mountain Turns 4!

March 10th, 2021

It’s our birthday!


It is with enormous pride that I can recognise Skull Mountain entering it’s 4th year. Anyone who has ever run a business or worked in a start-up knows how hard it is, but also how rewarding it is to be validated in doing what we set out to do – which in our case is changing the way our clients see and operate their digital businesses and getting these businesses and the people within them on a growth trajectory.

I thank everyone who has helped us shape and realise our vision these last 4 years. Especially to those who are shaping our future and the very exciting next phases of our vision.

It has been a fascinating journey to get here and the business has developed through 2 interesting phases to be where it is today. We initially set out to directly own our customers products and services as an outsourced product agency. We did this so successfully that our clients began to look to us to change the way their entire organisations operate digital businesses – evolving Skull Mountain into the consultancy it is today.

Our future vision is to build on the success of our consultancy and leverage our IP to further benefit our clients under our Product Management Framework. The Framework has been designed explicitly for enterprise growth and profit and can be quickly and cost effectively rolled out across all business functions and better support product teams.

We also aim to continue to promote diversity amongst our staff as we strongly believe people from different backgrounds can help solve more client problems together and make Skull Mountain a more welcoming place for our colleagues.

It is also my daughters 4th birthday next month – yes I was mad enough to start Skull Mountain 4 weeks before having a second child!

Onwards and upwards!


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