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So after a week away there’s lot’s to update on! Here’s the Friday Five with a special Bitcoin roundup…


Skull Mountain moved offices last Friday to a lovely spot in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. We have moved to a bigger office to support our exciting growth with an eye on the future too. Come along and spend some time with us if you like. There are 9 pubs within a 3 minute walk. It was an easy sell for the agent…


Bitcoin mania – Surely the biggest news of the last 2 weeks has been Bitcoin. Some news sites are seeing more traffic to Bitcoin than they are on any other topic… mad.


As anyone who has spoken to me over the last 4 years will know, this is an area of tech I am rather passionate about and have been geeking out in this space since 2013.


Given the current levels of growth I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with the following statement “For anyone who is newly interested in #Bitcoin, instead of going and blindly buying it, go instead and learn. Watch a couple docs. Read a book or 20 articles. The price is fun, but what really matters is why it exists at all, and the consequences to society now that it does.”


Whilst Bitcoin is still rocketing in value I find myself asking the following:


  • 15 billion US dollars a day are pouring into Bitcoin alone. Most of this money is ‘newbie’ money – people who have little to NO knowledge of what they are buying, how it works and crucially what has crashed the price hundreds of times in the past (believe me I’ve woken up many times to a 50% overnight loss, only to see it grow again and again) So what happens when the next crash comes and the big panic sell off inevitably happens – Where will all the USD come from to fund all the selling??
  • The electricity to mine and transact all this is growing to astonishing levels – this article from 27th November seems incredibly dated already given the levels have grown 20% since then already – This cannot be sustainable….
  • And regulation is on the horizon – I think you will get taxed if you sell and this will be backdated.
    So whilst these headline numbers are great, the future growth of digital currencies and the technology behind them will likely come from other sources than Bitcoin. And as each day passes I feel like it is closer and closer to that next 30 to 40% dip in price…


As always – get in touch if you want to discuss.


And now for a few bits of non crypto news we found interesting:


Try is changing how consumers finance online clothes shopping

This is a fantastic idea and is a great example of a business focussing on problem solving.

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I remember well the wild days of early app development

A great article about avoiding the same mistakes in the year of Voice.

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And finally …

Some incredible street art


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