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TGIF and welcome to this week’s 5 – Chat bots, bad UX, a TV revolution and a human clock


1. Stephen Soderberg’s new app will change how we watch TV

Mosaic is a smart phone enabled story that gives users control over which way they travel through a story and from which characters perspective. This gives control to viewers to own and control the story and watch at a pace that suits them – fast track straight to the whodunnit or meticulously watch all parts of the story. Very cool!

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2. Asos tries to stay ahead as Amazon moves into fashion

Asos are launching new tech such as a Facebook messenger chat bot that will enable potential gifts to be suggested to customers. They are also launching a buy-now pay-later service to effectively let you try before you buy.

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3. Facebook is bringing live chat and bots to websites

Facebook now has a plugin that lets visitors to a website speak to customer services either via a chat bot or human without leaving the site.

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4. iPhone X bad user experiences

This phone is looking fragile, over priced and now overly complicated… oh dear!

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5. A man is painting the hands on this clock, live.


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