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It’s been a big week for us with the launch of our new business RCA (random colour animal) – our exciting new company that specialises in brand strategy, engagement and marketing execution. We have amazing expertise leading the way on RCA and are very excited to see RCA grow through 2018.


Here are 5 things you need to know about RCA and check out the website HERE:


  1. Our brand: We’re apex animals – a positive challenger to the value-exchange for clients.
  2. Our truth: We genuinely go in to add value for clients, and we don’t take a project on if we can’t. End of.
  3. Our values: What’s important to us? Trust and support (as a team, and with clients); Agility (working responsively, at pace); Creativity (visual quality, if it’s not memorable it’s not working), Being Happy.
  4. Our execution: EVERYTHING is grounded in brand purpose, and the simple truth… We like authenticity, it’s the number one driver of engagement.
  5. Random Colour Animals are well known for being water beasts – if you need us (working or not working) we’ll be by the beach, the boatyard, or other body of water.


It’s also been a rather big week in the digital currencies world and as we called it at the start of the year the theme for 2018 is regulation. And it’s hitting the market hard. Misinformation is spreading uncertainty and fear – its a buyers market if you are brave! – India ‘bans’ Bitcoin… 


Here are some interesting stats around social media brands – who are the most visible brands on social media?


Fascinating insight here into the level of data that is being harvested from fitness apps – Fitness app Strava maps secret military bases.


Wearable tech is getting better and better and solving problems like charging are great improvements – this smartwatch is powered by body heat.


Apple are still growing despite recent issues – profits higher than ever despite a drop in sales.


Have a great weekend! Lee and the Skull Mountain team.





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