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I hope you are all well into your Christmas party season and welcome to Friday 5 – what a time to be alive!


Mining Crypto from body heat

It’s inevitable that machines will replace a lot of the human labour force. However, this startup has an interesting solution and it involves our bodies

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The financial future of millennials

Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression (also AMAZING UI)

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FCC repeals Net Neutrality

Giving power to the US broadband providers to block websites consumers try to access and allowing them to offer premium services for certain content

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Christmas Day Wrapping CX

We are big believers in a quality presentation layer and UX, and wrapping is no different, if you are struggling with your gift CX then this might help

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Festive foods

Finally while I am sure everyone has their Christmas Day BAU sorted, they can successfully sunset their festive period with these delicious recipes

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