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Big week this week with most of it spent in Malta at the gaming event and we have an even bigger week next week with our office move! Anyway things that blew our minds in some form or another this week:


A level of realism for the publishing industry

Digital publishing is failing to diversify revenue streams outside of advertising (or subs) Finding new revenue streams and leveraging existing audiences is critical – this is exactly why Skull Mountain exists, helping companies diversify revenue streams from products is what we excel at.

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Conde Nast’s, Glamour showing how to create new revenue streams

With another Digiday article covering the change at Conde Nast’s title Glamour who are showing how to create new revenue streams from advertising without necessitating fundamental changes. I am also a massive fan of the way they plan to leverage influencers.

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Super creepy AI applications

I hope you like serial killer catching poetry…

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We also need to fear net neutrality

This article from the past predicts surprisingly accurately what the immediate future will look like in the US.

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Anything KFC does we love

For a variety of reasons this is awesome…

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As always get in touch if you would like to catch up and talk product and revenue.

Enjoy the weekend!




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