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TGIF and welcome to the Skull Mountain Friday Five – a super quick roundup of 5 things we found interesting, exciting or mildly amusing this week. Enjoy.


1. Subscription Model for New Cars

Volvo just launched new car brand Polestar which is interesting as Volvo isn’t really known for well designed sports cars. More interesting is the cars will be electric only. But even more interesting is you can’t ‘buy’ the cars and there are no dealerships – to own a Polestar you have to subscribe online.

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2. Design Better Forms

Must read article about the value of forms vs chat bots and proposes a better way of solving the problem of capturing customer information or processing customer needs – seriously interesting.

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3. InVision, Changing Web Design

This design tool looks like a game changer, creating fully responsive prototypes in one go with design capabilities as well. It completely bypasses the need for Photoshop and Axure for example. It also reflects the fact that traditional ‘web design’ probably doesn’t really have much of a place any more, because design style is largely dictated by mobile now, theres not a whole lot of creativity needed these days. Perhaps ‘screen design’ – not web or mobile design, is a much more fluid and probably more accurate term.

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4. Designing Data Driven Interfaces

A nice read exploring some interesting and well thought out approaches to designing data interfaces. Lot’s of lessons in this article.

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5. And finally – Social Media Done Well

Impressive , funny and subtle.

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Looking forward to catching up soon.



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