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There have been so many interesting things this week its been almost impossible to filter down to just 5 – but here you go!


Have you ever used or even heard of Happy Glass!? – Top 10 apps downloaded last month.


Ants are more like us than you think (obviously as why would you have ever thought that…!) – 5 things we can learn about management from ants.


This is very impressive and a great example of how all businesses should be open to and aware of new revenue streams – Dennis Publishing on track to make 40% of it’s revenue from car sales.


I am so bored by Brexit it literally hurts to right this – A useful step by step guide to Brexit.


This is more of a gripe than an interesting story. Contactless payments have now overtaken chip and pin – If that’s the case than why on earth is it still limited to £30!


Thanks and have a great weekend!



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