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What a lovely rainy short sharp week it’s been. As such this week’s Friday Five only has FOUR super interesting items and one shameless plug of a blog I just wrote…!


Stripe added Bitcoin as a payment method but then fairly quickly stopped accepting it. They looked at the data and people simply declined to use it as a payment method, so why continue to support it – Stripe co founders on why their company doesn’t accept crytpocurrencies.


I’ve highlighted this before but it’s growth is staggering. It’s above Facebook and only behind Google and Youtube. It’s engagement statistics are impressive and better than Facebook too – Reddit now the 3rd most visited site in the US.


The car dealer on your doorstep – Volvo team up with Prime to bring test drives to your driveway. 


I don’t trust Alexa. We have one in the office and I’ve decided I hate it for 2 reasons. Firstly my colleagues like to torture me with Radio 2. Secondly it chips in with random things far too often – Yes Alexa is recording mundane details of your life.


And for the blog – the contradictory advice you get form people when starting a business…!


Thanks and have a great weekend.




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