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Welcome to this week’s Friday Five!


Firstly, for anyone worried about the current downwards trend of Bitcoin, or anyone writing it off, we’ve been here before many times. Every time Bitcoin has ‘bounced back’ and hit new highs. Personally I think now is a great time to buy if you feel brave or haven’t bought any before…. – Don’t be worried by price in a bear market. 


I think is a good move by Apple to protect their users privacy and stop unlawful access of peoples data – iPhone security loophole used by police closed by Apple.


This is a fascinating insight into how technology is helping athletes – just how much faster and stronger can humans get?


The $85 billion AT&T takeover of Time Warner was approved this week – just what are AT&T getting for $85 billion?


The opening game of the World Cup proved a little tricky for those with colour blindness – its the dam red and green!


Have a great weekend!




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