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How is everyone holding up in the snow? We’ve been properly snowed in down in Kent since Monday…


Anyway this has given us a lot of time to address a frequent question around blockchain and blockchain solutions. What real world problems can blockchain solve better than existing technologies?


We always advocate assessing problem statements carefully and then finding appropriate solutions which may or may not be blockchain based… But here are 5 examples of blockchain application that best fits the problem.


Porsche is experimenting with blockchain apps in cars solving problems such as car security tracking and more interestingly car sharing. – Porsche first to test blockchain technology for cars.


Dubai is moving all the documentation around a car’s history and car ownership onto the blockchain. This solves several issues around trust as well as simplifies processes from tax to end of life recycling – Blockchain vehicle lifecycle tracking.


Sweden is moving it’s land registry onto the blockchain solving the well known problems around solicitors and paperwork, thus removing much friction and wasted time from the system – Why Sweden is taking a chance on blockchain land registry.


Blockchain in government – Here is a helpful summary of what governments are doing what.


To top it all off here is a nice summary of a view we share – that block chain will be the end of the middleman.


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