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It’s been a crazy busy (and good) week for us, but as usual we have had time to curate some of the really interesting things we have seen this week:


It’s amazing how well AR is working now. We are increasingly excited about AR – If only we could all play this AR version of Street Fighter, on real streets…! 


This guy has the greatest name ever and also highlights how the law is falling behind technology advances (just like blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation) – Cyborg fined for implanting travel card under his skin.


More and more big businesses are bringing programatic advertising in house – RBS is the latest to in-house these skills.


30% of all websites now run on WordPress – Great news for it’s community of developers.


And finally: Gibson guitars are on the brink of bankruptcy – Due to the decline in the popularity of rock music Gibson have 6 months left to turn it around.





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