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Welcome to this week’s Friday Five – the most interesting, thought provoking or inspiring things we’ve seen this week:


China has the power to destroy Bitcoin – and is already heavily manipulating the market.


Chinese tech firm BtyeDance has an epic IPO coming in 2019, likely bigger than Uber’s – why you should be aware of this company and why they are such a challenger to the US tech giants.


Jersey has 100% fibre-to-home broadband – how did this become the first jurisdiction in the world to achieve this. 


This is going to be an interesting story as it unfolds – how on earth did Patisserie Valerie suddenly discover a £20m black hole…


I’ve seen a lot of stats about the decline of the crypto markets in 2018 but this stat stopped me in my tracks – 80% drop in Coinbase active customers.


Have a great weekend!



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