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I’ve been in centre parcs most of this week – picked the perfect time to go! However we’ve kept our eye on what’s happening and here are 5 of the most interesting things we saw this week:


Hollywood no… don’t. – Hollywood is making a movie about Cryptocurrency…


Apart from a conference phone I cannot remember the last time I used a landline… – PWC going mobile only for all staff by the end of the summer.


Not sure i’d trust this but it actually would be a pretty good back up to make sure your local GP wasn’t just fobbing you off – Bablyon claims it’s chatbot beats GPs at medical examinations.


I can’t / don’t quite believe this or even see how it’s possible but… America owns more guns than people, here are the stunning stats.


And here is a really cool story reel from Mashable – about the weirdest zoo accidents in history. Why wouldn’t you click this link.


Have a great weekend!


Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




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