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There are a few sore heads in the office this morning as we had our summer party last night… Yes on the one day that it has rained in 3 months but being the absolute troopers that we are, we powered on through and had an amazing time! Here’s your Friday Five:

Android Pie – Google’s latest version of its mobile operating system has a huge focus on ‘digital wellbeing controls’ enabling you to limit time on apps and greyscale the screen at night. Is it only right that companies are addressing the impact of smartphone addiction or does it all feel slightly unnecessary? Android Pie: Google adds Digital Wellbeing controls

If you thought we were at a complete crisis point with the Earth and our abysmal treatment of it, you were right. If you thought the human race could design our way out of it, you were wrong.

Design is Not Going to Save the World: How Human-Centered Design is Failing Us

As news breaks today of House of Fraser being bought by Sports Direct for £90 million, take a deeper look at the volatile history of the company that started life as a drapers in Glasgow in 1849. – House of Fraser’s Wobble Wasn’t Due to Amazon

What’s more iconic than the Coca-Cola logo? Nothing, apparently! – Brits class logos as ‘art’ and Coca-Cola’s classic red emblem is their favourite

And finally, there has been a lot of debate in the office about Facebook in recent weeks with lots of us coming off of it all together. Have you been decreasing your Facebook use and if so why? Is it because there isn’t enough of this quality insight on there anymore? – Watch an Ant Try to Steal a Diamond From a Jewellery Shop

Have a good week!

Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




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