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This is a must read. An excellent summary of the importance of understanding where your product is on its ‘product lifecycle’ and Facebook should be worried – “you’re either growing the engagement of your user base, or your dying”


American cities are doing all they can to persuade Amazon to establish it’s second HQ in their city – I am definitely jealous of the mayor of Kansas…


At first I thought launching your own personal car to orbit Mars was just a gimmick however looking at the footage it’s simply incredible! (I’d never fling my Lotus into space however…) – Tesla launch one of their roadsters into Mars orbit.


Is this the future of the car show room? We featured an article about the new Volvo Polestar doing away with a dealer network all together, perhaps show rooms will be a thing of the past. I’ll definitely miss the smell of the new cars – AR app into a personal showroom:


And finally – China doesn’t muck about with surveillance. 


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