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Our beautiful sunny week was abruptly interrupted with an absolutely biblical down poor which lasted about 20 minutes and caused flash floods around our office – check out the intense footage here!


We use Slack at Skull Mountain, and within a few of our clients, and whilst we love it, it’s amazing how demanding it can be – Slack didn’t kill email it might have made it stronger.


In our office we are pretty rude to the subservient AI that is Alexa. I don’t trust it and I never will…! – Should children be taught to be polite to AI assistants?


Back in the day – remember the Apple Newton? I’d love one of these…!


Ever wonder what the value of your old tech is? How many old devices have you got in the loft – E-waste mining is big business.


Have a great weekend!


Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




A few of our clients

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