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Happy Friday! We’ve made it through the week, it’s cooled down and for a ‘quiet month’ it’s busier than ever at Skull Mountain. Here’s your Friday Five:


Does your company use Slack? I don’t know how we’d cope without it and clearly we’re not the only ones! Slack’s Growth Shows no Sign of Slacking

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought, ‘If only I could get more news in less time’ but this could be the future. The BBC is experimenting with a way of delivering the news more quickly on smartwatches. Can You Speed Read These News Stories?


This could be an absolute game changer in making electric cars a more attractive and mainstream choice. New ‘flow battery’ could charge electric cars in seconds


You Need to Take Intentional Breaks From Productivity (You don’t have to tell me twice.) Something to bear in mind though if you’re heading off on your Summer holidays. Use it as a chance to recalibrate and recharge.


And last (But definitely not least!) – I could have done with one of these when I was younger. This AI Powered Robot Can Solve Where’s Wally Instantly

Have a great week!




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