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It’s been a big week for us, our blog post from last week has generated a lot of debate and a stunning amount of interest. You can read it here if you haven’t already.


Here are the 5 most interesting things we saw this week:


Get ready for a second wave of crypto interest and rapidly rising prices. The crypto world has been hit by a succession of ‘bad news’ stories pretty much since the 1st of Jan, hitting confidence and driving interest and prices down. However that’s about to change as investors step back in and interest is rising fast – Ripple soars as wider crypto markets see a flush of green.


Here’s an early one for your Christmas list – Sony announces £90 Playstation one classic that is 50% smaller than the original and comes with many classic games.


Here is a really interesting article busting a lot of the myths that exist around famous corporate failures – What really happened to Blockbuster and Kodak, it’s not the reasons you’d expect for their failure.


I find this rather scary, imagine the insights and data they will get – Facebook Dating is gearing up to be the anti-Tinder.


Start searching for your nearest John Lewis – They are hosting the first ever Quality Street pick and mix stations.


Have an excellent weekend!

Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




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