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Time is on fast forward. Fact. I met up with some old colleagues last night to celebrate their company reaching an incredible 15 years, well done them. Then I realised I have not seen these people for SEVEN YEARS. So that’s made me feel old.


Anyway, here are 5 things of interest, or not, I don’t care anymore I’m miserable….!


I’m genuinely beginning to hate Apple – A massive gold phone… that’s what we want…


This is quite impactful and worth reading – “I work 3 jobs and donate blood plasma to pay the bills” What it’s like to be a teacher in America…


Here is how you have a good week – Atherton’s work title winning run from her point of view.


And how you have a bad week – Don’t celebrate before you cross the finish line…


And finally a plug of some of our own content, this is a must read (mainly because I wrote it…!) – If you’re working with requirements, you’ve already failed.


Have a good weekend, last chance for a BBQ….!


Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




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