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Congratulations – We’ve all made it to Friday! Here’s your Friday Five.


(Ok, usually we are a little more diverse… but the BBC had a good week content wise so the Friday five is 60% BBC this week!)


It’s going to be interesting to see how Snapchat respond to the backlash against their recent update – 1 million signature petition.


Well obviously this was going to start happening with Bitcoin. What do you think the solution is? – Bitcoin is changing the divorce process.


We found these photos of the changing face of London’s East End really interesting, especially the photo of Bellhaven Street where you can still see the wallpaper from the demolished house next door! – The vanished East End.


Sheffield based publishing company ‘And Other Stories’ are only publishing books by women in 2018. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, the skeptic in me wonders if they only responded to the campaign as a marketing gimmick. I agree with the implication that perhaps a better approach would have been to challenge both male and female authors to write fiction with female protagonists in 2018 – Women only publisher.


And finally.


A spurious correlation is a mathematical relationship where two variables look as if they are connected but they actually aren’t…… or are they….? Either way it’s amusing – Spurious correlations. 


Have a great weekend! Lee and the Skull Mountain team.




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