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One more week left of the year. How has it gone so quickly! Here is the penultimate Friday Five:


I am a massive space nerd so I find this Virgin Galactic news particularly exciting, and also I want to be ‘congratulated by NASA’! – Virgin Galactic plane in historic human test flight.


Biohacking is something I think we will see a lot more of over the next few years. It needs a better name (bodtech!? metech!?) Have a read of these examples from people hacking their bodies – A cabinet maker with magnets in his finger tips, speakers in his ears and 2 NFC chips in his hands.


There are late projects and then there is this – Army’s new recruitment website 52 months late.


Where does your country rank for mobile internet speed – America is 43rd!


And here is a chap with a very nice scarf talking about trends we might see in 2019.


Have a good weekend!


Lee and the Skull Mountain team.



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