We are a results-driven partner for your entire digital product lifecycle.

Our primary goal is to provide a product function that gives effective steering and measurement for boards. With a clear product strategy and leadership you enable all parties to understand what should be delivered, why and what value this is driving for the business.

We typically provide most of the following services for each of our customers.

  • Product management, ownership and outsourced CPO / or director function.
  • Product strategy, vision and validation.
  • Roadmapping, prioritisation, backlog management and measurement.
  • Stakeholder, business and 3rd party management.
  • Outsourced stakeholder function for product leadership, reporting and steering.

We are not afraid of digital business growth, it is not an elusive metric to us.

Neither is being business minded, your bottom line is not an abstract notion that cannot be discussed. We understand that the driver of digital acquisition and spend has to be ROI. These beliefs combined are our expertise, our special sauce and what makes us valuable to our clients.

  • We enable you to take control of your digital product portfolio – by defining clear and actionable growth plans.
  • We implement a product function with the experience, expertise and tools too rapidly deliver this growth.
  • We believe the bottom line is the most important success metric.
  • We revolutionise the culture of digital product management within your businesses.

Engaging with us

  • We have three levels of service that we are focusing on:
  • Tier 3: Fast turn around deliverables that establish product strategies and roadmaps.
  • Tier 2: Bespoke problem solving – short to medium term projects.
  • Tier 1: Long term partnerships – most of our revenue comes from fully retained services. This is our primary areas of focus.

We are particularly interested in investor backed turn-around businesses because this is where we add most value.

We designed SM to rapidly drive value and growth in digital businesses and in effect we are a product turnaround company.

We bring specialist digital expertise that our clients need, usually do not currently have or might not yet understand the value of.

In addition to revenue growth, our approach yields other benefits.

  • Focus delivery teams on delivering only the right value against the goals and objectives – cutting any wasted development or non-validated deliveries.
  • Increase the delivery pace of products, features and functionality to market.
  • Improve the validation process to ensure only the right features are getting to the right customers at the right time.
  • Protect you from exposure to risk.
  • It delivers on internal stakeholder requirements and expectations.
  • It massively optimises the customer experience.
  • It ensures that the design and development teams are hitting deadlines in line with expectation.

Drop us a line

We are based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with access to Central London and within easy reach of Gatwick and Heathrow international airports, as well as St Pancras International and Ashford International Eurostar stations.

Skull Mountain
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Lower Pantiles,
Royal Tunbridge Wells

Tel: +44 (0)7500 961 309